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2001 DreamWorks Records
Citizen Cope (Self-Titled DreamWorks Release)
Refined, soulful grooves with an overlay of gripping and inventive lyrics sets this album apart from the other artists on the charts.  Each song tells a story of its own and the instruments carry you through the highs and lows of each journey.

Pre-Order from CD-NOW!!!

This album will make Citizen Cope a household name.  So if at all possible, catch him at one of his latest tour dates...because it could very well be your last chance to see him at the small to mid-size venues.

Expected Release: January 29, 2002!
Songs on This CD
  1  Intro
  2  Contact
  3  If There's Love
  4  Let The Drummer Kick
  5  Mistaken I.D.
  6  200,000 (in counterfeit $50 bills)
  7  Salvation
  8  Hands Of The Saints
 9  Comin' Back
  10  Appetite (for lightin' dynamite)
  11  Teresa Prelude
 12  Teresa
 13  Holdin' On
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