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History of Citizen Cope
The band and the man Citizen Cope (Clarence Greenwood) are a special blend of blues, hip-hop, country, soul, and funk. Born in Memphis, the multi-talented Greenwood is a keyboardist, guitarist, DJ, singer, songwriter and producer has remained true to himself and his music. Whether they bring the place to a complete hush or knocks you off your feet with a tremendous roar they (he), are amazing. Truly one of the greatest talents to ever grace the Washington DC area. If you would like a more complete history you can check out our discography & links pages.
History of COPE-LAND
Created by Dave Hill and Art Parnell in 1997, COPE-LAND was the first Citizen Cope website. Both being long-time fans (Dave from the BASEHEAD days and Art from the 1992 debut album, Cope Citizen), we established this site to get the word out to other Cope fans and to the entertainment industry.

Starting in 1998, various contributors helped to strengthen the content of the site and to louden the buzz about Cope in the DC music scene...growing to the NYC & LA scenes soon thereafter. While not the only ones, the primary contributors include Barbara (of Barbara's Guitars), Eric Brace, John Ginty, Clarence Greenwood (A.K.A. - Citizen Cope), Marco Mazzarino, Dan Parker, Mike Shupp, and Sam Spencer.
Latest Dates
posted by Art Parnell on 5/23/2003 02:58:10 PM

06/18 - South Paw
Brooklyn, NY

06/19 - Tin Angel
Sells out quickly...7:30PM & 10:00PM show times
Philadelphia, PA

06/21 - National Capital Barbecue Battle
w/ many others
Washington, DC

08/05 - T.B.D.
Chicago, IL

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