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1992 Use W/Out Permission
Cope Citizen (Citizen Cope's Debut Album)
Quite different from today's Cope tunes, the debut album consists of a unique sound that nobody has been able to emulate.  Although the tone of the album may be a bit more raw and aggressive than those you might expect to hear from Cope today, this album clearly defines the musical roots of Citizen Cope and sets the expectation for greater things to come.
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Songs on This CD
  1  cold call
  2  pipedream G2 Player Required
  3  busted
  4  the watchdog
  5  ol' man vs. hizself
  6  drifter prelude
  7  a drifter should know
  8  vices G2 Player Required
  9  cope-land G2 Player Required
 10  the rackett (instrumental)
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