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2001 DreamWorks Records
Citizen Cope (Self-Titled DreamWorks Release)
Refined, soulful grooves with an overlay of gripping and inventive lyrics sets this album apart from the other artists on the charts.  Each song tells a story of its own and the instruments carry you through the highs and lows of each journey.

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This album will make Citizen Cope a household name.  So if at all possible, catch him at one of his latest tour dates...because it could very well be your last chance to see him at the small to mid-size venues.

1992 Use W/Out Permission
Cope Citizen (Citizen Cope's Debut Album)
Quite different from today's Cope tunes, the debut album consists of a unique sound that nobody has been able to emulate.  Although the tone of the album may be a bit more raw and aggressive than those you might expect to hear from Cope today, this album clearly defines the musical roots of Citizen Cope and sets the expectation for greater things to come.
Singles & EPs
Citizen CopeCitizen Cope
Citizen Cope - Limited Edition Promo EPCitizen Cope (Limited Edition Promo)
1999  HFS 99.1 New Music Sampler #4HFS 99.1 New Music Sampler #4
'200,000 [compilation version]'
1999  Clubland SoundtrackCLUBLAND (soundtrack)
'200,000 [demo version]'
1999  Eat Me! SoundtrackEat Me! (soundtrack)
'Daughter's of the Stage' & 'Shotguns'
1999  Anti-Racist Action Benefit CDAnti-Racist Action Benefit CD
'Ol' Man vs. Hizself'
1997  Settling the DC ScoreSettling the DC Score
Make Believe'
1993  EMIGRE - Music Sampler No. 2EMIGRE - Music Sampler No. 2
Affiliated Albums & Singles
1997  Lazy K - Life in One DayLazy K
Life in One Day 
1994  B.Y.O.B. (Bastard Youth of Basehead)B.Y.O.B.
(Bastard Youth of Basehead)
BASEHEAD - Split PersonalityBASEHEAD
Split Personality
1993  BASEHEAD - Not In Kansas AnymoreBASEHEAD
Not In Kansas Anymore
BASEHEAD - Do You Wanna Fu**(Or What) BASEHEAD
Do You Wanna Fu**(Or What)
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